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Care Services

Transitional Care Team

Provides patients with the care they need, even after they have left your hospital or nursing facility. PHARxSIGHT acts as your transitional care team, providing patient follow-up to ensure compliance of the hospital/skilled nursing facility post-discharge instructions. Click Here for our Transition of Care information packet. White Paper

Dedicated Care Services

At PHARxSIGHT we believe that everyone is a high-risk patient. Facilities do not want to risk discharging a patient, only to have them readmitted within 30 days. With our PatientCare Connex™ program, your discharged patients are able to receive the extended care they need while you focus on newly admitted inpatients. Click Here for more Consultant Pharmacist information.

During this time, we make sure the patient has everything he/she needs; from medication, therapy, and durable medical equipment to follow-up education or language assistance. To ensure medication adherence, we email, text or call the patient/caregiver just as a reminder. Questions or concerns can be handled by calling PHARxSIGHT 24 hours, 7 days a week.

                                                                    Click here for more information about our PatientCare Connex™ Program

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